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SalesLoft Connect for Gmail opens up even more tools to improve your sales process and organization by allowing you see your prospect’s SalesLoft information directly from Gmail. You can download the Connect extension here.  

After it is installed, you will gain access to SalesLoft features within your email! These include:


The SalesLoft Person profile view

In the new extension you will see two new tabs, Emails and Reminders, across the top of your Gmail inbox. A new panel appears on the right side of the browser window, displaying a person’s SalesLoft profile. By default, it will display the first person from the newest email in your inbox. As you navigate through your inbox, the sidebar will automatically display your contact's SalesLoft profile.

Profile view:

A person's profile displays all of the familiar information and actions available in SalesLoft.

  • Click the "pencil" icon to edit your contacts' information. 
  • View contact information and click to send a one-off email
  • Mark your contact as Do Not Contact
  • Mark your contact as a Success

The “Contact” tab displays the contact’s information including email address, available phone numbers, and other standard information available for that contact. From here, you can send a one-off email by clicking the contact’s email address.

Click the "Cadences" tab to view all of the cadences this contact is active on, including your teammates' cadences. Here you can pause a contact on a cadence by selecting the "calendar" icon, remove a contact from a cadence by selecting the "remove" icon, or add them to a new cadence by selecting the “Add to Cadence” button.

Click the "Activity" tab to view all of the email, call and cadence activity for this contact.

Click the "Notes" tab to view and add notes for this contact.

If a person is not found, simply add them to them to SalesLoft.


Reminders are now located on in their own dedicated tab at the top of Gmail.



Live Feed

You can now access the live feed in Connect for Gmail by navigating to the top right lighting icon. This provides you with real time alerts when your prospects interact with your emails, including viewing the email, clicking a link or replying, all directly within Gmail. Find out more about the live feed here.




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