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With the SalesLoft Dialer, you can access the dialer from any page within the Chrome browser, including enhanced functionality in Gmail and Salesforce to find existing contacts/leads, add new people to the platform, as well as log your calls.

When first launching the dialer, you will have to enable your microphone for the SalesLoft extension. 

First click on Enable Microphone and then on Allow



If you don't click "Allow", Cadence won't be able to make any phone calls from the dialer. You'll see a camera symbol in the URL bar, when you click that, you will be able to Continue allowing Cadence to access your microphone. 

Now you'll be able to make all the calls you want via your in-app dialer. :]


If you do not see the option to Allow Cadence to Use your Microphone:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More and then Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. Then in the search field, search MICROPHONE
  5. Click Content Settings
  6. Scroll down to Microphone
  7. Click on Manage exceptions and make sure SalesLoft is allowed


One-off phone calls and adding people to SalesLoft is a simple click or search within the Dialer: 

Searching & Adding a Person: 

The dialer gives you flexibility to enter any phone number, find an existing person, or create a new one to call. 



Logging calls for new prospects:




Going back to Log a Call 

If you start a new call but forget to Log your call, you can always navigate back to the previous call by clicking on Go back to log call. To continue on with your new call, you can close the notification or click Call to continue. 



Dialer in Gmail:

To dial from Gmail, click on your contact's phone number in the sidebar or open the dialer by right clicking anywhere on the page. 



Dialer in Salesforce: 

In Salesforce Classic or Lightning, click on the blue Call button next to any lead or contact's phone number to open the SalesLoft Dialer. From here, you can log the call or make a new one by clicking on the reset button at the top of the dialer. 

Salesforce Classic




Salesforce Lightning



 Dialer within Chrome Browser: 

To access the SalesLoft Dialer on any page within Chrome, right click anywhere on the page and select SalesLoft Dial. As a shortcut, highlight the number before opening the dialer. 



Happy Lofting!




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