Live Call Studio


With Live Call Studio you can now view all of your reps' active calls in one place. You can listen to their conversations, provide audible tips and support to the rep through whisper, or join in on the call. 

Turning On Live Call Studio

If you are on an Enterprise plan, you will have the ability to turn on Live Call studio for your team. To turn on Live Call Studio, navigate to team settings and select "Dialer." Select the Live Call Studio Settings tab at the top of the page. Click the toggle to enable Live Call Studio.



All Administrators have permissions to access Live Call Studio by default, but, using Roles & Permissions, you can grant access to custom roles that you create. 


Launching Live Call Studio

If you have access to Live Call Studio, you will see a "Launch" button on the dashboard. Clicking "Launch" will open Live Call Studio in a new window.


Live Call Studio Dashboard

Once you launch Live Call Studio, you will be able to see all the calls actively occurring on your team in real-time. You will see the name of the rep making the call, and, if available, the name, company, and title of the person they are calling. The calls are ordered by the most recent call in the top left, with the total call time listed on the left side of each card. The total number of active calls is visible at the top right of the screen. 


Detail View

If you select listen on a call, the detail view will open and you will be brought into the call in listen mode. While in listen mode, you will have the option to switch to Whisper mode, where you will be able to speak and be heard only by the rep, or Join mode, where you will join the call and be heard by both the rep and the prospect. You can also choose to leave the call to go back to the main LCS dashboard.

  • Listen-only: Hear both sides of the conversation without being heard.
  • Whisper: Speak to your rep without the prospect hearing.
  • Join: Join the call and talk to both sides.


Live Call Studio is compatible with all calls made using the SalesLoft Dialer. Whether the user is calling out of Salesforce, Facebook, Gmail - the calls will all show up in the LCS.

View Your Live Call Studio Dashboard as a List

If you would like to toggle your LCS dashboard into a list view, select the list view icon at the top right corner of the screen. All of your LCS functionality is available in both card and list view.


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