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SalesLoft Connect for Salesforce seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to bring core SalesLoft functionality wherever you are. Run your targeted cadences, send one-off emails to leads and contacts, use the integrated dialer to make calls from any page in Salesforce or view all details on a lead/contact directly in the sidebar. 

To use Connect for Salesforce, click on the SalesLoft logo on the right hand side of the page to view your cadences, click on Call to initiate a call, or Loft It to send an email. 

Please make sure you are on the latest version of the SalesLoft Connect Chrome extension. To get the latest version, click here for detailed instructions. 


View all of your cadences and run steps




View person details and take action


Edit Person Details



Add or Remove Person to/from a Cadence


Change Step Due Date


Change Cadence Stage



Email Leads and Contacts

When composing emails in Connect for Salesforce, you can add Cc or Bcc recipients by clicking the Cc/Bcc link in the upper right hand corner of the email compose pane. You can enter multiple, comma separated, email addresses in the Cc or Bcc fields.



Call and Log Calls in Salesforce 



Lightning Compatible 



Configure your Connect Settings

If you need to disable access to Connect for Salesforce for a user on your team, navigate to Connect Settings within your Settings page. Select the user(s) and click on the icon at the top to Enable or Disable access. 



Happy Lofting! 


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