Creating Contacts & Leads in Connect for Gmail


By default, when people are added to SalesLoft from Connect for Gmail, SalesLoft immediately starts searching for a matching record in your Salesforce instance. We use the unique email address to first search for contacts, and if not found, we search for a lead. If a record is not found however, we allow you to link the person manually, or create a new contact or lead directly from within Connect for Gmail. 

In Gmail, when a person does not have an associated Salesforce record, you can use the "Link to Salesforce Record" button to search Salesforce by First name, Last name combination, and email address. 



We'll display Leads and Contacts that are possible matches for your person. If no results are found, or none of the results are the correct record, you can create a new contact or lead. We'll sync the person's data to the newly linked record, ensuring all of your CRM activities are captured promptly and correctly.



Creating a new Contact

When creating a contact, if your person is linked to a SalesLoft company that has a corresponding Salesforce account, we'll create the contact immediately. If, however, the person is not linked to a SalesLoft company or the company does not have a Salesforce account, we'll create the SalesLoft company or attach the existing Salesforce account to the SalesLoft company. Simply select the appropriate Salesforce Account and we'll take care of the rest. 




  • Creating a Contact does not allow users to create new Accounts in Salesforce. If the SalesLoft person is linked to a SalesLoft Company that is correctly linked to a Salesforce Account, the new Contact will be linked to the corresponding Salesforce Account. 
  • Creating Contacts and Leads requires Salesforce Sync to be enabled for your team's account, as well as person fields to be mapped correctly. You must also be configured as a user in Salesforce Connector settings.


Creating Contacts & Leads Permissions

We understand you may not want everyone on your team to create new records in Salesforce. By default, only Admins are able to create new contact or leads. But don't worry, if you want other team members to have this ability, simply add the permission to create to any custom role on your team. This applies to creating contacts and leads in Connect for Gmail only. For help creating custom roles, please refer here for additional instructions. 



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