Ultimate Dialer Guide


Your one stop shop for all of your dialer needs, wants, and questions. 

Included in this guide:

  1. Setting up the Dialer 
    1. Purchasing and assigning phone numbers
    2. Set up forwarding Number
    3. Set-up Alternative Caller-ID
    4. Pass thru Number Functionality
    5. Enable Mic
    6. Recording Settings
  2. SalesLoft Dialer Functionality
  3. Dropping Voicemails
  4. Pricing
    1. Dialer Pricing
    2. LocalDial Set-up & Pricing

Setting Up The Dialer 

First, agree to the Terms of Service provided on the Billing Authorization prompt. 


From the same page, you can then provision and assign numbers to anyone on your team.

Then, you can assign the specific number to your users. 

Forwarding Phone Number

Within your Settings, you can add a forwarding number for your calls to be forwarded to. 


Show alternative Caller ID on your outbound calls

To show a different caller ID on your outbound calls, click the "Show a different number on Caller ID" link under your assigned number. Once you click the link you will have an option to verify the number you are adding. Simply type out the number and then you will receive a phone call to verify. 


Once you verify, the your caller-id that appears on your prospect's phone will show with the number you have added. 

If you need to change your verified caller-id, contact support@SalesLoft.com so they can release your verifie number from our VoIP provider's side. 


Set-Up Pass Through Dialing

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings by clicking your name in the righthand corner.

Step 2: Click "Calls" from the Settings menu.

Step 3: Set your Pass Through Number. This is the number that will be dialed when placing calls from SalesLoft. You can use a landline, like your office phone, or a cell line. Numbers with extensions are currently not supported.



Using the Pass Through Dialing Feature

Once you've enabled pass through dialing, you can begin using it immediately while running call steps or making one-off calls.

Step 1: Place your call through SalesLoft as normal. The pass through number you selected will ring and you'll see an alert at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Answer your pass through phone and press "1." SalesLoft will then complete the call by dialing your prospect. 

Step 3: Complete your call as normal, or drop a voicemail from the SalesLoft dialer.


Enabling Call Pass through from the dialer:

Once pass through dialing is enabled, it'll always be used by default. You can toggle pass through dialing on and off by clicking the pass through icon on the dial pad.

Here's a quick walkthrough how to toggle Pass Through:




Enabling your microphone: 



If you don't click "Allow", Cadence won't be able to make any phone calls from the dialer. You'll see a camera symbol in the URL bar, when you click that, you will be able to Continue allowing Cadence to access your microphone. 

 If you do not see the option to Allow Cadence to Use your Microphone:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More and then Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. Then in the search field, search MICROPHONE
  5. Click Content Settings
  6. Scroll down to Microphone
  7. Click on Manage exceptions and make sure SalesLoft is allowed


Recording Settings 

Recording sales calls is a powerful coaching and sales process optimization tool.  To do this, simply click on the Dial Pad and click on the red Record Call icon to record your call. You will know your call is recording when the Record Call button is red.  To access all of your recorded calls, click the "Dial Pad" on the top toolbar, then click "View Recordings" inside the dial pad.

Once the call has started, you will not have the option to record.  This must be decided at the beginning of each call.

Team Admins have the option to set record setting defaults for the team. We have detailed instructions on Configuring Recording Settings for Team Admins.


You can access these recordings as soon as the call has ended by clicking on View Recordings and also by viewing the prospect's profile. Then, you can open the prospect's profile, click on activity and you will see the link to the recording. 

SalesLoft Dialer Functionality

Searching & Adding a Person: 

The dialer gives you flexibility to enter any phone number, find an existing person, or create a new one to call. 



Logging calls for new prospects:




Going back to Log a Call 

If you start a new call but forget to Log your call, you can always navigate back to the previous call by clicking on Go back to log call. To continue on with your new call, you can close the notification or click Call to continue. 



Dialer in Gmail:

To dial from Gmail, click on your contact's phone number in the sidebar or open the dialer by right clicking anywhere on the page. 


Dialer in Salesforce: 

In Salesforce Classic or Lightning, click on the blue Call button next to any lead or contact's phone number to open the SalesLoft Dialer. From here, you can log the call or make a new one by clicking on the reset button at the top of the dialer. 

Salesforce Classic




Salesforce Lightning



 Dialer within Chrome Browser: 

To access the SalesLoft Dialer on any page within Chrome, right click anywhere on the page and select SalesLoft Dial. As a shortcut, highlight the number before opening the dialer. 



Dropping Voicemails

SalesLoft allows you to pre-record voicemails then drop them in your prospect's voicemail box when using the in-app dialer.This is a great way to save time and ensure that the voice messages you leave are perfect every time. 

First, record your voicemails by navigating to the Calls tab under your SalesLoft settings then selecting "Add New."

Then when you make a phone call, you will see your voicemails as an option to drop. Don't forget to wait for the beep!

Dialer Pricing

Pass through dialing is available for all plans! Pass through dialing uses two Twilio calls, so usual SalesLoft dialer credit fees for both calls do apply.


  • SalesLoft uses Twilio as our voice provider. SalesLoft will pass the cost from Twilio directly to the your team. See Twilio's Pricing Page for full details.
  • Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • Usage is billed down from a balance held on your Cadence account.
  • Service will be disabled when this balance reaches $0.00, at which point you can reload your account balance to continue using the in-app dialer.
  • Your total cost per minute and per month will depend on your usage of the following features:

Outbound Calls

United States & Canada $0.0150
United States - Alaska $0.0900
United States - Toll Free $0.0150

Area codes and country can affect the end cost.

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are forwarded to your cell phone at the rate of $0.0075 per minute.

Call Pass Through

Using the optional call pass-through feature in SalesLoft will make your rate double. This is due to the fact that the first rate is the line that is created when connecting from SalesLoft to your desk/cell phone and then the line from your desk/cell phone to the recipient. 

Local Dial Numbers

Local Dial enables you to call prospects from an area code local to them, increasing your connect rate by up to 400%! Charges assessed for local dial numbers at the rate of $1/number/month.

Number Removal

Phone numbers will be removed from your account and unprovisioned through Twilio on the 10th day after trial expiration or on the 3rd day after account cancelation. 



LocalDial Pricing

LocalDial is only available on our Enterprise plan.

Charges assessed for local dial numbers at the rate of $1/number/month. These charges are billed once per month and are managed separately from your regular subscription fees. To further clarify how these charges are processed:

Existing LocalDial numbers (provisioned prior to the current month)

$1 each for the upcoming month

New LocalDial numbers (provisioned during the current month)

$1 each for the current month

$1 each for the upcoming month

As a result, newly-provisioned numbers will generate two charges when they are first billed: $1 for the month that just ended, and another $1 for the upcoming month.



Troubleshooting Dialer Issues

Coming soon 

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