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Customizing Dispositions and Sentiments:

Dispositions and Sentiments allow teams to record what happened during a call, and identify the outcome of the interaction. We provide standard dispositions and sentiments, as well as the ability to delete and create new ones to adapt to your business process. Please note, custom dispositions and sentiments are not currently reported on in SalesLoft analytics.

A new "Dispositions & Sentiments" settings page now appears under the admin team section:


Here, any admins with the Dispositions & Sentiments permission can create or delete dispositions and sentiments, as well as make those fields required on call steps or one-off calls. All teams still start with the standard Dispositions & Sentiments, but you can delete any of these.

Dispositions Tab:


Sentiments Tab:



Clicking the "add" button at the top of the page allows you to name a disposition or sentiment according to your business needs:


They are then available in the call step or one-off call Disposition or Sentiment dropdowns:


Clicking "delete" on the settings page removes that Dispositions or Sentiments, and warns that removing it will prevent it from being logged in the future:



As a safety feature, you cannot delete the last remaining Disposition or Sentiment on either page, and the delete button will disappear when only one remains:


Required toggle:

By default, these fields are not required, which means they could be skipped. This can negatively impact best practices, so admins can also make Dispositions, Sentiments or both required on a call step or one-off call.

Just select which you'd like to make required at the top of the appropriate tab:


These fields will then indicate if they are required on the call step or one-off call: 



(Please note, these are only required when someone is logging a call or logging & completing; the "complete only" button will not require these fields since it does not log a call.)

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