Team Cadences Permissions


While Team Cadences provide leaders the ability to control messaging and content for the team, it is equally important that they can restrict or grant access to specified roles for the creation and control of Personal and Team Cadences.

Permissions for Cadences can be granted or restricted at a very granular level, and we’ll further clarify each of these here.

Please note that custom roles must have permissions added to the role.



Manage Personal Cadences

Users can create, edit, delete, archive, tag and run people on their personal cadences

This permission allows all rights that currently exist on a user role regarding Personal Cadences, with the exception of “View & Copy Public Cadences,” which are handled in a separate permission.

View & Copy Public Cadences

View and copy public personal cadences
This permission specifies that users will have access to team members’ Cadences which are marked as public, and gives them the ability to copy them into their Personal Cadences folder.


Admin Personal Cadences

Create, edit, delete, archive and tag people on all personal cadences
This permission allows all rights that currently exist on an admin role regarding Personal Cadences, which includes the ability to see public and private Personal Cadences for all users on the team.


Manage Cadences Ownership

Change owners for personal and team cadences
Ownership is a key feature, since ownership impacts groups. Cadences obey all group visibility settings, so this permission directly impacts that by allowing specific roles the ability to change ownership, and thus impact what groups have access to.


View Team Cadences Overview

View team cadences overview
This permission allows users to see Team Cadences and the overview page, which includes  high-level metrics. This view is meant to allow users to see successful Cadences, and request access from their team admins to run Team Cadences if needed.


Run Team Cadences

Add, remove and run people on team cadences
Users can run any Team Cadence, but cannot make any changes on them.


Manage Team Cadences

Create, edit, delete, archive and tag from team cadences
rolThis permission grants admin-level control over Team Cadences, allowing them to create and administer content to the team.


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