Slack Integration


Slack integration provides the ability to send custom notifications to a Slack channel when key triggers happen inside of SalesLoft automation rules. 

Slack integration is available to all users who have current instances of SalesLoft and Slack.


Setting up the Integration:

In order to setup the Slack integration, you must be an Administrator in SalesLoft and Slack. 

In your SalesLoft settings under the Integrations section, select "configure" on the Slack integration section. Then click "Add to Slack"



Once you have added to Slack, Slack will ask you to authorize the application.


After installing the SalesLoft application in Slack you will see a confirmation on the integrations page and have the option to revoke the token for the application, should you choose to quit using the integration.


The SalesLoft integration with Slack allows you to create custom Slack notifications as part of your Automation Rules. Select "Send Message to Slack" as the result of your trigger. 

You can then select a designated Slack channel for your message and create a custom message. You can even use dynamic tags to populate your message with content that will update based on the context of the message and tag relevant Slack users. The new dynamic tag "{{My.slack_tag}}" allows you to dynamically add the @person tag to a message. The Slack tag is an estimation of the username. It is created using the first half of the user's email. For instance "" would have a My.slack_tag of "@john.smith." You can always change what your Slack tag will appear as in your person profile


 You can also add emoji to your message using this syntax ":emojiname:"


When the action is completed, the custom message will appear in the designated Slack channel:


And your team can help you celebrate!


Slack integration is currently available for 4 trigger types:

  • When a Success is recorded for a person (see above gif)
  • When a Person changes in SalesLoft


  • When a Person clicks on a link in an Email


  • When a Person replies to an Email



Note: Currently @here and @channel are not available in custom Slack messages.


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