Slash Commands


Slash commands allow you to quickly insert content when writing emails in SalesLoft. Rather than having to navigate menus and click from dropdowns, now you can simply type "/" and bring up a list of commands at your disposal. 


From the compose pane, simply type / to see the list of available commands. Once you're in the command menu, you can search for the desired command and hit enter to select. For example "/tem" + Enter will automatically load a list of your personal and team templates. You can then search by template title by typing or using arrows keys to navigate up and down. When you have the desired template selected, hit Enter to insert the template into your email. 


Slash commands are also available when running cadence email steps, and even when editing your templates.



Creating & editing templates: 



Slash commands are also available in Connect for Gmail:  



Current supported commands are:

  • /templates - choose from all available personal & team templates  
  • /snippets - choose from all available personal snippets & team snippets


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