Call Recording Governance


You can set up recording governance rules based on area codes and international prefixes. 

Under Team Dialer Settings, select the Call Recordings tab. Below the user defaults, you will find Call Recording Governance.


Select if you will be entering US area codes or International prefixes and select if you would like calls made to those numbers to be One-sided recording or Do not record. 


Selecting One-sided recording will only return the users side of the call on the recording. Selecting Do not record will block the call recording for that code.


Your can remove any area code from either list.


Note: An area code/international prefix can only be added to either One-sided recording or Do not record, not both. 


Please note that while we provide this feature, we do not make any recommendations related to appropriate usability for this feature. We offer a tool to be used at your discretion to best maintain your acceptable level of compliance. For questions related to acceptable practices for recording phone calls in certain regions, you should refer to your own internal compliance / legal counsel to determine acceptable use cases.


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