Syncing Salesforce Opportunities


SalesLoft is continuing to expand our capabilities to serve all the functions of modern sales organizations, so we now present the ability to view, edit and one-click access Salesforce Opportunities from the SalesLoft platform. 

This provides improved account visibility, an enhanced workflow for account executives, focused prioritization and optimized balance, all in a single, unified platform. 



Field Configuration:

First, let's map your fields. Field mapping is available under the field configuration tab for standard fields, and includes the ability to add read-only custom fields from Salesforce. 

Navigate to Settings > Field Configuration > Opportunity Fields

Note: It is recommended to map Last Updated Date to System ModStamp, so that the date reflects updates made by both users and automation rules.


Additional custom fields can be added & mapped in the field configuration page and imported from the Salesforce Opportunity object, as read-only fields that will be visible in the opportunities panel. 


Select Sync Frequency

In order to sync opportunities that have been created or updated in the past, navigate to the SalesForce Sync page under "Settings".

Opportunities need to be activated under the Salesforce Connector admin section, and assigned a sync frequency of 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

Navigate to Settings > Salesforce Connector > Sync tab

If you are already using Salesforce Sync, toggle the feature off and on to see the Opportunity type appear on the page.


At the bottom of the page, you will see the Opportunity type. Select the desired sync frequency.


Click "Sync Historical Opportunity Data" to select the date range (up to four weeks) of past opportunities that you would like to be displayed in SalesLoft. After saving, a message will confirm the begin of the sync process.Pasted_image_at_2017_10_04_12_29_PM.png



Create Opportunity Stages 


Opportunity Stage is a key feature on tracking opportunity pipeline in Salesforce, so you can now create Opportunity Stages to match your picklist options.

Navigate to Settings > Stages > Opportunity Stages:


Just like Cadence Stages or Company Stages, you can create, rename or delete stage names.


Deleting a stage will remove it as an option when editing an Opportunity moving forward. Opportunities currently using that stage will persist unless it is updated to a new stage.



Using Salesforce Opportunities in SalesLoft

Upon create or update, we’ll automatically search for and link in any opps in Salesforce associated with a Person who is linked to a Salesforce Contact, or a Company which is linked to a Salesforce Account.

Opps are viewable on the People and the Company dashboards, as they can be simultaneously connected to Contacts and Accounts.



Multiple opps can be shown at one time in the scrolling smart panel:


Clicking the name of the opportunity (with the external link icon) will open that opportunity in Salesforce in a new tab.


Standard fields are editable in the panel, while a few additional fields are read-only (such as last modified date). 


Additional editing actions (for custom fields, for example) require clicking the opportunity link to open the opp in edit mode in Salesforce.



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