Smart Panels


Smart Panels surface critical sales insights and intelligence so that sales teams can better understand, connect, and engage with customers. Embedded within the SalesLoft company and person dashboards, they provide in-the-moment contextual insights and support SalesLoft’s vision of enabling personalization through the sales cycle at scale. SalesLoft offers a growing list of Smart Panels including Twitter Feed, News (powered by Owler), and Competitors (also powered by Owler). This new, flexible, customizable Smart Panel interface provides even more of an opportunity to work with partners to integrate valuable insights as panels in the SalesLoft UI.


Smart Panels:

Updated visual design style, and layout which presents all information in panels for People and Company profile pages.

Person profile:
Company profile:


Statuses like ‘Do Not Contact’ and ‘Has Replied’ appear as icon indicators on the name panel. Quick actions surface the ability to make one-off calls or emails, or mark people as Success.


The Recent Activities panel displays information in a timeline with additional visual context, like icons representing type of activity.


The Panel Configuration dropdown menu can be accessed from the top right of the profile pages. The menu displays a list of available panels. To reorder the panels shown in the right column, click-drag on the icon to the left of the panel label. To toggle the visibility of a panel, click the toggle switch either off or on.


Detail of the Panel Configuration menu


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