Syncing Outgoing Emails


Email Sync allows you to log all outgoing emails from your connected email account into SalesLoft, including emails that aren't lofted or are sent from your mobile phone. This captures all email activity in SalesLoft, providing seamless transparency on all outgoing communication.

Note: Email sync does not include email tracking capabilities. Emails must be lofted or sent directly from SalesLoft in order to track opens and clicks for the email. 

If you're a Team Admin you can enable email sync by navigating to Team Settings and. under Email settings, enable the toggle to sync emails. Once enabled, you can enter specific domains and email addresses that will not be captured by SalesLoft. We've automatically excluded the team's email domain to prevent internal company emails from being synced. 


Once email syncing has been enabled, team members can turn on syncing for their account under their email settings. Individual team members can also specify domains and email addresses to exclude from being captured by SalesLoft for their own account.

Once enabled, any email sent from the connected email account will be captured and logged in SalesLoft, including emails not lofted or sent from mobile devices.


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