Manage Tags


As an admin, you can manage tags across your team in the Tags section in Admin. Here, you can see a holistic view of all of the tags across the team. You can add new tags, delete existing tags, or merge tags together. You can also see how many SalesLoft objects are associated with a particular tag, giving you insights into where tags are being used effectively and how objects are organized across the team. 

The Tag section can be accessed by users with Admin privileges under the team settings: 
There, you can search for existing tags:
You can create new tags:
New Tags will be validated against existing tags in order to prevent duplication: 
You can edit and delete old tags as well as merge two existing tags into one.
The columns display how often the tag has been used in each category of things that can be tagged. Clicking on the count will navigate to the list view of the category, filtered by the selected tag.taggingnav.gif
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