Pausing a Contact


Sometimes, you will need to freeze a lead on a step of your sales process for a while before continuing through the cadence. An example of this is when you get an out-of-office response from your recipient.

You can pause a contact 

Step 1: Click on the profile button in the contact box on the cadence step.


Step 2: Click the Pause button on the Activity you would like the contact to be paused.  



Step 3: When you click the pause button, it will ask you to choose a date for which you'd like the contact to resume the cadence. On the date that you set, the person will automatically pick up right where they left off! 


From the people page:

Step 1: Click the People tab in the navigation bar. 


Step 2: Find the person that you wish to pause and click on them. From there you will follow Steps 2&3 as seen above.



Happy Lofting!

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