Running a Call Step


Running a call step functions in a similar fashion to an email step. Assuming people are active on your call step, you can initiate the call step process by clicking "Run Step" on the Dashboard To-Do list.

Once you click on "Run Step," you will see the list of prospects who need to be dialed.  Once you click which prospect you would like to start with, you will be directed to their profile page, and you will see the dialer on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Once you start calling, you will move through each contact card individually. From this screen, you can perform a variety of different actions. You can interact with the contact box to view in CRM, call through SalesLoft, log a call with notes,  or even skip this action and complete the call.

Remember to click "Log"  before completing the step in order to save your notes within SalesLoft and Salesforce. Any notes you save will populate and live under 'Notes,' on the prospect's profile page. If you click Complete before logging the call, you will lose any notes you have taken.

These notes will appear in the corresponding SalesLoft Contact Profile as well as the Salesforce lead record.

Happy Lofting!

Helpful Tips:

  • Sort by "In Office" to avoid calling contacts currently outside of office hours based on their timezone. This is located in the top right corner (the three horizontal bars) of your work flow pane.  


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    Can different sales loft users call on a single cadence call step? I need to be able to split up the work of calling some of these contacts with another colleague - he has his own salesloft username/password. I don't want to split up and recreate the cadence with half the people on his list. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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    Constance James

    Hi Jason, happy to help! Currently SalesLoft users cannot run the same cadence or the cadences of their teammates. If you and your colleague are comfortable with doing so, you could log-in and execute the shared call steps from the same account. Otherwise, you will need to duplicate the cadence and split the contact list.

    It sounds like users being able to easily split a contact list is important to your workflow. Mind taking a few minutes to help get this idea in front of our engineers by sharing it at

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    Jenny Mulcahy

    How do you run a step early? When I try to view the video, I get an oops...

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