Managing Dialer Pricing


The dialer allows SalesLoft users to call prospects from their browser. In addition, the dialer provides call recording and logs a record of all call activities in SalesLoft and Salesforce. 

To leverage the benefits of the dialer you will be using dialer credits as the users accumulate talk time. Dialer credits may be purchased and added from the Payments tab under your Team Settings

In this article we will go over dialer pricing, including:

Dialer Pricing Overview

Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute.

Dialer usage is billed down from a balance held on your account.

Service will be disabled when this balance reaches $0.00, at which point you can reload your account balance to continue using the in-app dialer.

Your total cost per minute and per month will depend on your usage of the following features:

Outbound Calls

United States & Canada $0.0150*
United States - Alaska $0.0900*
United States - Toll Free $0.0150*
International $0.0150-$0.035‡

*Prices may vary based on factors including the geography or destination of the service.
‡Typical international calls. Depending on call designation prices could be outside the typical range. Please Contact Support with specific questions regarding international Dialer usage cost.

Recording & Recording Storage

Unlike our competitors, SalesLoft does not charge for call recordings or call recording storage space. 

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are forwarded to your cell phone at the rate of $0.0075 per minute*.

Call Pass Through

Using the optional call pass-through feature in SalesLoft will make your rate double. This is due to the fact that the first rate is the line that is created when connecting from SalesLoft to your desk/cell phone and then the line from your desk/cell phone to the recipient. 

Local Dial Numbers

LocalDial enables you to call prospects from an area code local to them, increasing your connect rate by up to 400%!

Local Dial Geography PRICE per Number per Month
United States & Canada $1
United States - Alaska $1
International $1-5**

**International Local Dial prices may vary based on country of representation. This represents a typical cost per number.  Please contact Support with specific questions regarding International Local Dial pricing.  Pricing is subject to change without prior notification.

Number Removal

Phone numbers will be removed from your account and removed from your provisioned list through Twilio on the 10th day after trial expiration or on the 3rd day after account cancellation. 

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