SalesLoft Plug-in Anatomy


The SalesLoft plug-in opens up even more tools to improve your sales process and organization. You can download this extension here

After it is installed you will gain access to SalesLoft features within your email! These include:

Loft It Button

Only emails sent through the SalesLoft application are tracked. Clicking "Loft It" within your email will allow the message to be treated as if it were sent through the platform enabling the tracking functionality. This is perfect for those one off emails.


Schedule Button

The Schedule button enables you to schedule sending of one-off emails through Gmail. This makes it easy to control when your emails are distributed, making your email communication strategy more flexible. Simply select a time and SalesLoft takes care of the rest.


Scheduled emails appear in Gmail in your SalesLoft Outbox:

You can always view the emails pending to be sent in your Emails tab, as well as cancel your emails if needed:


Templates Button

The Templates button allows you to access any templates you have saved within the SalesLoft application. This will allow you to send the same emails through your Gmail inbox that you would normally be sending through the platform.



Remind Me Button

The Remind Me button will set a reminder for you in both your Gmail and the SalesLoft application. You can learn more about how Reminders work here.



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