Why Does SalesLoft Cadence Limit My Emails to 1,000?




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    Porter Bayne

    I think the limit is higher, no?


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    Constance James

    Porter, thank you for the question! The amount of emails one can send via GMail varies depending on the type of account a person has, how long they've had their account, as well as a few other factors. We impose the 250 limit to be sure everyone will still be able to send emails regardless of their account limit.

    I hope this clarifies! Happy to answer any other questions. :]

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    Krystle Quilala

    so if there are more than 250 in my cadence will it only send to the first 250? If a blast is sent to 250, can you then not follow up on that email as another step?

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    Constance James

    Hi Krystle,

    If you have more than 250 people on an email step, you will be able to send your email to the first 250 people, while the rest will remain on that email step until your quota restarts the next day. You can absolutely have a follow-up email as another step in your cadence, you just will have to wait for your quota to reset to send that follow-up email.

    There's currently an idea on our ideas' base to be able to schedule emails to be sent the next day once you've reached your quota. You can up vote this idea to help tell our product team that this feature would be helpful. Check it out here: https://salesloft.ideas.aha.io/ideas/PLT-I-326

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