Managing Cadence Push Notifications


SalesLoft offers push notifications to inform you as soon as an email fails to send, a prospect views an email, or a link within your message has been clicked.

You can completely silence these by turning off notifications in your Chrome menu. You can also disable certain notifications so that you only see messages important to you. For example, if you only wanted to know when a link within an email has been clicked, you can configure your push notifications to reflect that.

First, click on the SalesLoft Connect extension.  A box should appear like below the extension to update notifications:



Then, choose the notifications that you would like to receive moving forward:



This allows you to enjoy real time notifications about your prospects.  


Muting Threads

SalesLoft also gives you the ability to mute notifications for specific email threads. When an incoming email notification appears on the screen, click "more" to see the Mute option in the menu. Muting the notification will turn off all future notifications for that specific email thread. 



Happy Lofting!

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