Checking for Duplicate Prospects in Salesforce


SalesLoft makes it easy to identify prospects who already exist in your Salesforce instance. When you prospect someone and add them to your dashboard, a red "Salesforce" icon will appear next to their name if they exist as a lead or contact in your Salesforce.

When you export your list to Salesforce, Prospector will identify these duplicates and allow you to skip them, create new leads for them or update them. 

Happy Lofting!

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    Scott Criddle

    Is it Possible to do a mass check for duplicates, instead of having to do them individually, one by one?

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    Aly Merritt

    Hi Scott, great question! We are investigating ways to do this, but there are some complications in creating a mass check which mean it's on the roadmap, but with no set date at the moment. We will let you know ASAP if we release this feature, though! :]

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    Scott Criddle

    This would be an incredible feature, I look forward to the potential of it and will be on the hopeful look out for it:)! Thank you!

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