Adding Custom Fields for Salesforce


If you need to sync your Prospector data to custom fields in Salesforce, we have you covered.

You can easily add custom fields by selecting the user dropdown menu under your name and clicking Team. Click on the CRM Fields tab and let's get started!


You can add a custom field to a Lead, Contact or Account by clicking the green Add CRM Field button at the bottom of the page. 

Prospector will then query your Salesforce account and provide a list of available fields based on your Salesforce settings. 

After you choose the SalesLoft Field and the Salesforce Lead Field, set up the Default Value you want mapped and under what conditions: Always, Never, or When Blank in Salesforce

Here's a quick breakdown of each field:

  • SalesLoft Field is the field in SalesLoft that you'd like to bring into your Salesforce account
  • Salesforce Field is the field that you'd like to fill in on your Salesforce account
  • Default Value allows you to set a specific value to show up in your Salesforce account. This field will also bring in your custom picklists from Salesforce. (In the screenshot below, our "Industry" custom field shows the picklist we've created in our Salesforce instance.)
  • When should we set this field? gives you control over how we will interact with your Salesforce fields:
  • Always: We will always fill in information in that field -- even if information already exists. This option will overwrite any existing information in that field!
  • Never: We will never fill in information in that field, even if it's blank
  • When Blank in Salesforce: We will only fill in information in that field if it is currently blank in your Salesforce instance. This is the default option.


Here's a quick walk-through:

Please note that you cannot use Lookup Relationship Fields as a custom field, and multi-select picklist fields will not show your existing picklist options. 

Pro Tips:

  • Custom fields must be created in Salesforce first before they will show up as available fields to select in SalesLoft
  • If you want the custom field to show up for leads, contacts and accounts, you must add it under all listings in SalesLoft


Happy Lofting!


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