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SalesLoft can integrate with all Gmail accounts and most Outlook accounts, but some of our users use other email clients. One possible solution is to set up a Google Apps account for your company.

Another possible workaround is to set up a "Send As" address within SalesLoft so that emails can still be tracked through Gmail, but they will send from your desired email account. (Please note that this will hinder some of Cadence's functionality for view and reply tracking.)

To do this, first set up a Send As in the Google Apps Email Settings > Accounts tab using Google's directions. When prompted, enter the desired Send As address. Next, notify our support team that you would like to enable your Send As alias feature. Then, enter SalesLoft and go to the Settings > Email to setup your From: Address.

Now, your emails will be sent from the desired Send As address. Happy Lofting!

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    Jeff Waters

    Ah, good short term workaround... though, I'm still looking forward to straight Outlook integration.

    Does this method impact likelihood of tossing me in a Spam filter?

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    Blanche Herlong

    Hey Jeff! We now have outlook integration live! Happy to turn that feature on for you. :]

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