Mapping SalesLoft Activity Details to Salesforce


Once integrated with Salesforce, SalesLoft will automatically begin syncing your email, phone and other activities. You can also map over additional activity details about each activity for more information.

SalesLoft allows you to map over:

  • Viewed Count, Clicked Count and/or Replied Count (Email Activities)
  • Call Duration (Call Activities)
  • Email Template ID and/or Email Template Title (Email Activities)
  • Cadence ID and/or Cadence Name (All Activities)
  • Step ID, Step Name, Step Day and/or Step Type (All Activities)
  • Call Sentiment & Call Disposition (Call Activities)
    • Note: Mapping these fields does not affect previously available disposition and sentiment mapping, and they will still map to the subject line field as well. 

To set this mapping, you must be an admin on your SalesLoft account. 

Syncing SalesLoft Activity Details to Salesforce 

Step 1: In Salesforce, create a custom field for each SalesLoft activity detail you want to map over. For example, if you want to map over the SalesLoft detail "Call Duration" you may create a custom field in Salesforce named "SalesLoft Call Duration."

Step 2: Click "Settings" under your name and select "Field Configuration."

Step 2: Select "Activity Fields."

Step 3: Select the Cadence metric you want to sync to Salesforce, then click the gear icon to access the "Edit" screen. 

Step 4: Select where in Salesforce that metric should be synced, and repeat steps 1-3 to continue adding activity detail mapping. 

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