Logging Call Notes, Sentiments & Dispositions


SalesLoft makes it easy to log notes during a call to know exactly what happened during that call at a glance! When you are running a call step, you will see a box allowing you to add notes, and set the disposition and sentiment of a call.

Call Notes: This is a box to take any notes during or about your call. 

Disposition: Here you can record the result of making the phone call, e.g. "connected" or "no answer."

Sentiment: If you're able to connect with a prospect, sentiment allows you to record the outcome of the conversation, e.g. "company-bad fit" or "demo scheduled."

The "Log and Complete" button will save your notes, disposition and sentiment. This information will be saved on your call step and on your contact's individual page in SalesLoft. Integrating with Salesforce? This information will also automatically sync over as a completed task in task details!

The "Success" button will log if that step helped you achieve your desired outcome.  For example, is the goal of your cadence to book a demo?  If this goal was reached during the call, you can go ahead and hit the "Success" button, which will help populate your analytics.  


Helpful Tips:

  • Remember to "Log a Call" before moving on to your next call to save your notes.
  • Integrating with Salesforce? You can also add other Salesforce fields, e.g. "task action," to your call notes. Click here to learn more about setting up custom fields.
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