Connecting to My Email Account


Do you want to be able to use your email account in Cadence?   We thought so :]

To connect your Outlook/Exchange account to SalesLoft's Cadence, go to your account name in the top right corner of your dashboard and click Settings.

Select Email to access your email settings. For easy configuration, you can choose whether you are connecting to a Microsoft Exchange Server or another SMTP Server :]


Click on Microsoft Exchange and enter your company's credentials or easily populate default Office365 settings by clicking on Use Office365 defaults

Enter the email address and password for the account from which you want to send and receive email through Cadence. Your password should be the one you use to access the email account you just entered.

You can also use another SMTP server, by selecting Other SMTP Server and enter the name of the SMTP server, the SMTP port number, and the name of the IMAP server for your email account. If you don't know your server names or port number, you can get this information from your IT department or hosting company. 

*The most common SMTP port number is 587

Once you've entered all your account information, click the green 'Verify' buttons for both your Outgoing (SMTP) and Incoming (IMAP) settings. If your account information is correct, you should see a box appear in the right corner of the window indicating that Cadence is able to successfully connect to your mail server. Make sure you verify both your Incoming and Outgoing settings or else you may encounter errors while using Cadence. 

*If you are not able to successfully verify your email settings, please contact

When you've completed these steps, click 'Save Settings'. You have successfully connected your account.

If you are using Outlook 2013, you can download the Outlook Add-In, so that you can easily Loft your emails and track those email metrics within Cadence :]

Happy Lofting!

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