Purchasing and Assigning Phone Numbers




Before starting this section, please ensure that you have setup your Cadence in-app dialer

Once you have accepted the terms for our dialer service, you can purchase numbers from our Manage Your Team's Phone Numbers page by following these steps:

  • Enter the Area Code that you would like.


  • We will display the list of phone numbers available for purchase. If you don't see one you like, you can "Search Again" to refresh the list. 


  • Sometimes we will not have a phone number in the area code requested. This is how our provider works. If we don't have a number for the area code you want, you can try again in a few hours to see if one has become available.
  • Any number you purchase will become unassigned and you can assign it to a team member. It will then become "Assigned" and immediately in use to that team member.


Here is a walk through of the process:


A few final words about our phone service:

  • We can not guarantee any phone number beyond 3 digits. For example, "404111xxxx" will most likely not be available for purchase.
  • We allow 1 phone number per license seat. We do not currently allow for the removal of purchased phone numbers.
  • We only allow for purchase of US based numbers through our interface. Contact support@salesloft.com for other countries.
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