Using the Cadence Outlook Add-In


The SalesLoft Cadence Outlook Add-In is a native extension built for Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Windows to help you sell through outlook. 

What users are able to use the Add-In? If you answer yes to all of the following questions then you're ready to go. 

  • You're using Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (Outlook for Mac is not supported)
  • You're sending email through Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016
  • You've already set up a SalesLoft Cadence Account


Requesting The Add-In

In order to access the Outlook add-in, please contact Once your request is received, support will grant your team access to download the add-in.

Downloading the Add-In

Once you're sure you can use the add-in and you've requested access to the download, installing it is a breeze. Simply navigate to your email settings where you will find a link to download the add-in.


Installing the Add-In

Double click on the setup.exe file you downloaded in the previous step. Windows may prompt you to confirm that you want to run this program as it was downloaded from the internet; go ahead and confirm that you do. From there, you'll be prompted to actually install the add-in. You can see that it is Cadence and signed by SalesLoft LLC. Click Install and you're good to go.


Logging In

Once you've successfully downloaded and installed the add-in, you will need to log in to get lofting. Open up Outlook and you should see a new look. You can find the log-in button in the pane on your right. You can also log in and out from the Add-Ins dropdown in your File tab. 


Lofting Your First Email

Now it's time to send your first templated email through Outlook. Open up a new mail message and insert a recipient. You can select a template from the ribbon on top. It will automatically fill in the data for your template fields. From here, if you'd like to track this email simply hit Loft It!


Replying with Tracked Messages

You can also reply to emails with tracked messages. The first way of doing this is double clicking the message to bring up a new window. You'll find the same functionality you used to send a one off message available to you. The second is to use the inline reply feature. Click the reply button near the top of the email preview window. If you'd like to track this email, you can use the 'Loft this Message?' toggle button. If you select it, every message you send will be tracked. 


Using the Reminder System

You can create a reminder on any message in Outlook. In the top ribbon you'll find a button to create a reminder. These will show up in the Reminders bar on your right. Clicking on any reminder will search your inbox for all messages related to this person. Lastly, you can complete any reminder by clicking the checkbox on the left of the reminder.


Adding and Viewing a Person in Cadence

Cadence will recognize when the sender of a message has been stored in your account. If they have, you can use the 'View in Cadence' button to view their details. If they have yet to be added, you can add them by clicking the 'Add in Cadence' button. 


Please Note

  • The Outlook plugin does not prevent self views/clicks - if you want to view a message we recommend viewing it from within SalesLoft to prevent self views and clicks
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