Using Click to Call in Salesforce


If you're using the in-app dialer and integrating with Salesforce, you have the ability to click-to-call right in Salesforce!

First, enable click-to-call by navigating to Settings, then Calls and checking the box next to "Enable click to call."


When you're ready to begin dialing, simply navigate to your contact or lead in Salesforce. Click the blue "Call" button next to their telephone number.


Once you click Call, a small window will pop up with the contact's phone number; simply click "Call" to dial your prospect.

Identical to in-app dialing, you can enable LocalDial to drive higher connect rates as well as control your recording settings. 

This allows you to streamline your process and work more effectively in both Salesforce and Cadence.

Happy Lofting!

Helpful Tips:

  • Click to dial does not work when Salesforce is in accessibility mode. You can temporarily disable accessibility mode to use the click to dial functionality. 


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