Setting Up an Email Signature


When you're sending emails to several prospects, it can be a pain to have to insert your signature every time. We've made it simple for you to be able to automatically have your signature in every email you send out.

On your Settings page within SalesLoft, you're automatically taken to your Profile tab. Here, you're able to update your account settings, as well as insert your signature. We strongly recommend using the in app editor and not copying and pasting your signature since this can bring in code that could interfere with your email sent appearance.  


Disable click tracking in my Signature

If you are using a direct link in your email signature (like, you have the option to disable click tracking of the links in your signature. 


Best Practices

A quick pro-tip to make your emails even more seamless is to add "Best," "Sincerely," or whatever sign-off you choose into your signature so that you don't have to include that in all of your templates--it will already there!


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