Configuring Custom Fields


In SalesLoft, you can create people, company, and activity custom fields. Head to Field Configuration to add or edit your team's custom fields. 

For Person Fields, click on +New Custom Field. Name your custom field and click on Save. If you want to map your custom field to a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, choose one or both of the checkbox options: 

Once you click on the Lead or Contact checkbox, choose the Salesforce Field Name the custom field will map to. Finish the setup with choosing the mapping's direction. 

Once configured, your custom field will be displayed in the list of available fields, differentiated by an asterisk: 


For Company Fields you have the same options as with People Fields: create a custom field without mapping it to Salesforce or choose the Account object to configure your mapping: 


For Activity Fields, custom field creation is located at the bottom of the page, separating the standard fields SalesLoft offers from custom fields. 


Activity types are separated into 3 categories: Phone, Email, and Email | Phone. When adding your field, choose the type of activity the custom field will be mapped to: 


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