Exporting Lists


We offer multiple ways to export lists of prospects:

  • CSV Download 
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Salesforce Leads
  • Salesforce Contacts
  • Cadence

You can find all of the options by clicking the orange Export List button at the top right of your Prospector dashboard:

To export a list at any plan level, you can use the .CSV or Google Spreadsheet options. These lists can then be loaded into any CRM which accepts spreadsheets, or put into Excel for further analysis.

If you have a Closer or Rainmaker subscription, you can export an entire list of prospects directly to Salesforce as leads or contacts.

If you have the Starter subscription, you can still upload prospects to Salesforce in bulk by selecting the list you would like to upload and exporting it as a .CSV, then uploading that .CSV directly into Salesforce.

If you are a Cadence user, you can also export your list directly into Cadence, where it will dedupe based on the prospect's email address.

Happy Lofting!

Helpful Tips:

  • You can export lists containing up to 1,000 prospects. To export larger lists, first copy a segment of your list to a new list and complete two exports.



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