What are SMTP / IMAP Settings and How Do I Find Mine?


What are SMTP and IMAP?

SMTP and IMAP are mail protocols that allow apps like Cadence to securely send email and track the replies to those emails through your Exchange mail server.  

How do I find my SMTP and IMAP settings?

If you haven't set up an SMTP/IMAP connection before, your company's IT representative is probably the best person to provide you with the information you'll need to configure Cadence to send through your Exchange account. 

Below is a list of technical requirements that will help your IT admin get you the necessary configuration information and, if necessary, open the proper ports on your mail server. 

What information will be helpful for my IT admin?
Printable version of these requirements


  1. Host name for the Exchange Server
  2. Login name & password for the user's Exchange account.
  3. An open SSL SMTP Port

* Typical port numbers: 587 or 25 (with STARTTLS)  


  1. Host name for the Exchange Server
  2. Login name & password for the user's Exchange account.
  3. An open SSL IMAP Port

* Typical port number: 993
* Though often enabled by default, Port 143 does not allow secure connections (SSL) and cannot be used with Cadence.



Cadence requires “UIDPLUS” to be enabled on your mail server for it’s core functionality.  Please verify with your IT team that it is enabled.  You will receive a “IMAP Server is not supported” error if it is not enabled.

Please note: you must be using Exchange 2010 SP1 or newer. Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 do not support the IMAP UIDPLUS extension and therefore cannot integrate with SalesLoft.

IP Whitelist Information:

Cadence is hosted via Amazon EC2.

If access to your Exchange server is restricted by IP, Amazon's AWS IP range must be whitelisted. This is because Cadence's servers receive different IP addresses (from Amazon's range) each time a new server instance is launched.  

Amazon's AWS IP range can be obtained in JSON format:


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For help with any of these requirements, please send an email to support@salesloft.com

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