Exporting Leads to Salesforce in Bulk


If you need to export your list of prospects to Salesforce, you can do it in bulk and still check for duplicates!

Navigate to the list you want to export and choose Salesforce Leads under the Export List dropdown.

Now, choose how you would like for Prospector to handle duplicate records when syncing with Salesforce. You will even see your choice saved at the bottom of the page :]

If you want to sync these leads to a campaign, no problem! Navigate to the Select Campaign tab and choose your Salesforce campaign. We'll even give you the link to the campaign in SFDC. 

Do you need to add an extra field before you sync your leads? Then head to the Add an Extra Field tab! Choose the field you want added and click on Add Field to Prospects

Once you click on Add Field to Prospects, you will immediately see the Options Selected section populated with all of your selected options :]

Now, let's sync our list of prospects to Salesforce! Head to the Prospect List tab and specify which prospects you want to sync and even take a look at which fields will be updated. 

Click on the Show Details box to see the field details :]


To complete the export, click on Sync at the bottom and you're all set!

Here's a quick walk-through:

Happy Lofting!

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