Creating a Cadence


A cadence is a comprehensive schedule of the steps for your sales process. Designing your ideal outreach process in a cadence is as easy as a few steps:

Step 1: Click "Cadences" on the top toolbar, then click the blue "Add" button in the top right corner.

Step 2: Name your Cadence and add your daily people target. Click the checkboxes to have a prospect removed if they reply to an email or if an email to them bounces back.

Step 3: Select your stage updating options. Learn more about stages in cadence here.

Step 4: Click the blue "Save Cadence" button.


This will take you to your cadence overview page, where you can continue to create your cadence by adding cadence steps.

Step 5: Click the blue "Cadence Actions" button in the top right corner, and choose "Add Step."

Step 6: Select the step you want to create, Email, Phone or Other and populate the appropriate fields. Then click "Add & Create Another" to continue adding steps to your cadence or "Add Step" to add the step and close the add step window.



Your cadence is created! Next, you'll want to add prospects to your cadence.

Other than that, your cadence is ready to go and you're on your way to scheduling 300% more qualified appointments!

Helpful Tips:

  • When assigning a day to your steps, remember that Cadence schedules on business days. For example, if your "day 1" steps run on a Friday, "day 2" steps will be ready to run on Monday, not Saturday. 




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