How to Skip a Person on a Cadence Step


Moving someone along in a cadence is easy to do! We know that at times that the email or phone call you have scheduled may not be right in the moment, but you also don't want to forget to follow-up with that prospect. 

SalesLoft has you covered! You can skip anyone on a Cadence step while not removing them from a cadence completely. 

To skip one prospect in a cadence you're currently running, simply click on the "Run Step", navigate to the person you want to skip, hit the three dots on the bottom of their contact and choose "Skip This Step."



To skip multiple prospects in a cadence at once, click "Cadences" on the top toolbar. Find the cadence you want to move people along in, and select "People" at the top. Click the checkboxes next to the prospects you want to skip, then click the drop down "Skip Next Step" button.



Useful Tips:

  • When skipping multiple prospects, use the sort and filter features to make it easier to find the prospects you want to skip
  • You can also move someone along several steps or back to a step they've already completed; check it out here!
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