Importing to SalesLoft from Salesforce


The SalesLoft extension makes it easy to import individual leads or contacts, or import entire lists or campaigns from Salesforce directly to Cadence with just a few simple clicks! First, navigate to your Salesforce to begin.

To Import Individuals:

Step 1: Navigate to the lead or contact you want to import to Cadence.

Step 2: Click the blue "Import to Cadence" button.



To Import a List or Campaign:

Step 1: Navigate to the list of leads or contacts or to the campaign you want to import to Cadence.

Step 2: Click the blue "Import to Cadence" button.


Once you select your lead, contact, list or campaign to import, you will be taken to the Complete Your Import screen in SalesLoft. Here, you can add your imports directly to a cadence, or simply import them to your database for a later date.


Helpful Tips

  • Salesforce limits imports to 500 people at a time.  Make sure your list has no more then 500 people.
  • The "Import into Cadence" button will not appear if Salesforce is in accessibility mode. Temporarily disable accessibility mode to use this functionality.
  • Worried about duplicates? Cadence automatically checks for duplicates in your Cadence (shaded in yellow) or duplicates on the list you're importing (shaded in red).
  • Importing custom Salesforce fields? Be sure your Salesforce fields meet our technical requirements.
  • You can also import an individual contact manually or import in bulk from a .CSV file or SalesLoft Prospector; click here to learn more!
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  • Avatar
    Craig Reid

    OK. This process is really easy. HOWEVER!!!
    Have you thought about showing titles. What if I want to create a cadence for company X, for which I have 30 titles. I only want to put a few relevant titles in the cadence.

    Right now I must toggle between SFDC and Cadence to select the right ones. PLEASE PUT THIS ON YOUR FEATURE REQUEST LIST

  • Avatar
    Constance James

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your feedback! That's a great idea and I can totally understand how not being able to see the titles is causing extra work for you.

    Do you mind sharing this idea on our ideas base at Other users like you will have the chance to up-vote it (and I'm betting they will!) and our product team reviews this board every single week.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Berger

    Is this a limit of 500 from Saleforce to SalesLoft per day?

  • Avatar
    Constance James

    Hey Andrew,

    The 500 limit imposed by Salesforce is per listview or campaign, but not per day. You can import as many listviews or campaigns as needed. :)

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