Exporting Email Template Metrics


Cadence is constantly tracking opens, clicks and replies on your templates to help you gauge the effectiveness of your emails! You can view these metrics right in your templates list. Cadence also allows you to export a template's metrics as a .CSV file for deeper analysis.

Exporting Template Metrics

Step 1: Click the "Templates" tab on the top toolbar.

Step 2: Select the template whose metrics you want to export by clicking the checkbox to the left of the cadence.

Step 3: Click the dropdown next to the green Add button and click export.

Here's a quick walkthrough.


The .CSV file will include Title, Subject, Owner, # Emails Sent, # Emails Viewed, # Views, #Clicks, # Replies and percentage rate of Views, Clicks and Replies for each template you've selected. 

Use these metrics to measure the effectiveness of your subject lines and body content, and combine your highest performing subject lines and content for the ultimate email template!

Happy Lofting!



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