Exporting a Prospect to Salesforce


If you want to check for duplicates or sync your prospect data to Salesforce, start by simply clicking on the cloud icon next to your prospect :]

Prospector will then search your Salesforce instance for that prospects as a contact or a lead. We will even identify any duplicates we find and allow you to create your prospects as a New Contact or as a New Lead

Better yet, you can update any existing records we find! Click on the red View Record to see the existing information in Salesforce or you can click on your prospect's name to view a side by side comparison between Salesforce and Prospector information. 

Prospector even identifies any fields which are different between Prospector and Salesforce!

Once you're ready to update, click on Update button at the bottom and Prospector will update your Salesforce record. 

Here's a quick walk-through:

Happy Lofting!

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