How To Track Opens, Clicks & Replies in Cadence


The moment you create an email template in Cadence, we will begin tracking opens, clicks and replies instantly.

And the best part is you can view these stats in many different places!

You can take a quick glance at the metrics for all of your emails by going to Emails tab. Here, you will be able to see Sent, Views, Clicks, and Reply figures, so you can share your best templates with your team and collaborate on the ones that still need work.


If you click on an individual email on this list, you will get more information on that email. Cadence will provide you with a list of who the email was sent to, when it was sent, what action each recipient took and a total of  how many times it was opened, clicked and replied to.



If you click on an individual email subject or recipient, you will find even more information. SalesLoft Cadence will show you an Activity Log displaying when the recipient interacted with your email, along with the details of the message.


Helpful Tips:

  • You can also get these clicks, open and replies logged in SalesForce. This article will show you how
  • Check-out this walkthrough on viewing analytics for all of your cadence's steps 


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