Removing People From a Cadence Automatically


SalesLoft gives you the option to automatically remove anyone who has replied to your emails. Additionally, you can also remove people from a cadence if the email bounces.  You can turn these settings on when creating your cadence or after your cadence has been created.

1. When creating your cadence, simply select "automatically remove people from this cadence if they reply to one of my emails" and/or "automatically remove people from this cadence if their email bounces."

2. After creating your cadence, navigate to the cadence's "Settings," click the checkbox and save your cadence.



Helpful Tips:

  • Selecting this setting will not affect other cadences
  • Cadence will not count "out of office" messages as replies
  • If you turn this setting on after you receive replies, Cadence will not go back and remove those people; instead, you can remove those people from the cadence in bulk
  • You can also have people whose email bounced back automatically removed from a cadence
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