Understanding "Total" in Cadence Metrics


We listened to your feedback, and now we're updating the way we track "Total" in your Cadence metrics!

Now, your "Total" number will only reflect the people who have completed a step or are scheduled to complete a step. This will no longer include people who were added and then deleted before running that step. 

For example, if you create a cadence and add 100 people, then remove 50 people, your total will now be "50" instead of "100." If 5 of those 50 people reply to an email, your email reply percentage will reflect 10%, not 5%.

This new tracking method creates more accurate metrics so you have more information on how well your cadence is performing. More information on your cadence performance means streamlining your outreach process and booking more demos!

Look for your metrics to update as you run new steps!

Happy Lofting!


Helpful Tips:

  • People who are removed from a cadence after completing a step will still be reflected in your "Total" metric


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