Managing Contacts on a Cadence in Bulk


SalesLoft makes it easy to efficiently manage your contacts on a cadence in bulk. Although your cadence will display 50 contacts per page, the Select All feature allows you to select all of your contacts without having to navigate to each page.

Managing Contacts on a Cadence in Bulk

Step 1: Navigate to the "Cadences" tab and select "View" next to the cadence in which you want to manage contacts.

Step 2: Navigate to the "People" tab. Use dynamic filtering and sorting to find the contacts you need to manage.

Step 3: Click the Select All checkbox in the header row, which will select all 50 contacts on the current page. A banner will pop-up showing you the total number of people matching your criteria. Click the "Select All People" link to select all of your matching contacts.

Step 4: Manage your contacts by skipping them on next step, moving them to any step in the cadence or removing them from the cadence.

Happy Lofting!

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