Adding an Opt-Out Link to Emails


SalesLoft makes it easy to include an opt-out link in your emails, and will automatically remove people from your cadence if they decide to opt-out.

To add an opt-out link to emails when creating a cadence, simply check the checkbox next to "Include an opt-out link in all emails sent from this cadence."

To add an opt-out link to emails of a cadence that's already created, navigate to the Cadences tab and select "View" next to the cadence you want to modify. Then select "Settings" from the top toolbar, check the box next to include an opt-out link and save your cadence. Now an opt-out link will be included in all future emails sent from that cadence. When someone opts-out, they will be removed from the cadence and added to the Do Not Contact list.



Note: You can customize the opt-out link when creating your template.

Happy Lofting!

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    Conor Fitzpatrick

    Is it possible to change the content/styling of the opt out link?

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    Constance James

    Hey Conor,

    Happy to help! While you cannot change the content of the cadence global opt-out link, you can include custom opt-out links on your email templates instead. To do this, open the email template you want to add an opt-out link to, select your dynamic tags drop-down menu, then click the opt-out link dynamic tag (miscellaneous tag at the bottom of the drop down). From there you can customize the text of the link and where it appears in the template.

    Happy Lofting! :)

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