Removing a Contact From a Cadence


You may need to remove a contact or a group of contacts from a cadence if they've already booked a demo or you decide they aren't a great fit. You can easily remove individuals and groups of contacts from a cadence while running a step, from their personal profile page or in the cadence's "People" tab.

Removing An Individual While Running a Cadence Step

Step 1: Select the step you want to run from your Cadences To-Do List.

Step 2: Click the three dots in the workflow pane of the person you want to remove from that cadence. You can now continue running this cadence step on your remaining contacts!


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Removing an Individual from Their Profile Page

Step 1: Navigate to the contact's profile page by searching for them or clicking on their name or email address.

Step 2: To remove them from a particular cadence, click the gray x icon next to that cadence. To remove them from all cadences, click the Remove From All icon.

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Removing Contacts in Bulk

Step 1: Select the "Cadences" tab from the top menu.  Then navigate to the specific cadence you want to remove people from.

Step 2: Click the "People" tab from the top toolbar. Then, select the checkboxes next to the people you want to remove. Use dynamic filtering to make it easy to find those contacts.

Step 3: From the toolbar, click the dropdown, and click "Remove from Cadence."

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Helpful Tips:

  • Removing a contact from a cadence will not remove them from the SalesLoft Platform. Click here to learn more about deleting contacts.
  • You can also pause a contact on a cadence if you want them to remain on your cadence but not run through steps for a period of time.
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