Setting Custom Import Salesforce Fields


The SalesLoft Extension allows you to easily import contacts, leads, campaigns and lists from Salesforce. By setting custom field import mapping, you can ensure you're pulling over the contact information important to your outreach process each time you complete an import.

To get started, first ensure the Salesforce fields you want to import meet our technical requirements and that you've created the custom field in SalesLoft that you want to map to.

Setting Custom Import Salesforce Fields

Step 1: Navigate to your settings and select "CRM fields."

Step 2: Select "Import Leads" to set the custom field mapping for imported leads. Select "Import Contacts" to set the custom field mapping for imported contacts.

Step 3: First, select the "Cadence Field" where you want your Salesforce field to map to upon each import. Then select the "Salesforce Field" that you want to be mapped over with each import

Here's a quick walkthrough.

Happy Lofting!

Helpful Tips:

  • SalesLoft will automatically pull over name, email, title and company with each import.


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