Technical Requirements for Salesforce Field Mapping


Field mapping is an easy and efficient way to transfer data between Salesforce and the SalesLoft Platform. You can use field mapping to

Use this checklist when creating your Salesforce fields to ensure your field mapping is seamless!

1. Salesforce Field Type: 

Platform only supports the following types of Salesforce fields:

  • Text fields
  • Single picklists
  • Checkboxes (use "true" or "false" in all lowercase letters)
  • Number fields (for mapping SalesLoft metrics only)

Learn more about Salesforce field types here.

2. Permission Sets/Roles/Accessibility:

  • Ensure all of your team members have access to edit the standard or custom field
  • Fields must be set as "Read & Edit" or "Visible"
  • Fields cannot be "Read-Only" or "Admin Only"

Learn more about Salesforce permission sets here.

3. Field Location:

  • After creating the field, it must be located on the lead or contact page layout

Learn more about Salesforce field locations here.

4. Lead Assignment Rules:

  • Use "Do Not Reassign Owner" lead rules to prevent leads from potentially being reassigned as they are updated in SalesLoft

Learn more about Salesforce lead assignment rules here.

Happy Lofting!

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