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As the team admin, you have special privileges to manage team settings and payment information, and integrate with Salesforce. Understanding admin settings is an important aspect of managing your team.

Whether you're new to SalesLoft or just a need a refresher, use this guide to assist you with all of your admin settings!

In this guide, you will learn how to:

 Manage Your Subscription

To manage your SalesLoft Platform subscription and dialer credits, navigate to Settings then Payments.

Here you can:

  • Update your billing credit card by selecting "Update Credit Card"
  • Purchase additional licenses by selecting "Purchase More" under "Licenses"
  • Add funds to your dialer balance by selecting "Reload Account Balance" under "Account Balance"
  • View and download a .PDF of payment receipts

To cancel your account, please contact support@salesloft.com

Learn more about managing payments.                                              Back to the top.

Invite & Manage Your Team

To invite and manage your team, navigate to "Settings" by selecting the dropdown menu under your name.

 Here you can:

  • Update your team's name by typing in a new name and selecting "Update Name"
  • Update who receives your team's receipts by typing in the email address and selecting "Update Recipient"
  • Invite team members by typing in their email address and selecting "Send Invite" or by sending them your unique invitation list
  • Create and delete groups
  • Deactivate members by selecting "Deactivate" next to their name
  • Grant or revoke admin privileges by toggling the "Admin" button next to their name 
  • Assign members to a group by selecting the group from the dropdown next to their name

Learn more about inviting and managing your team.                          Back to the top

Create Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to include additional information for your contacts. Custom fields appear on profile pages and can be used as dynamic tags in emails. You can also map custom fields to Salesforce for importing and exporting.

To create a custom field, navigate to "Settings" then "Custom Fields."

 Here you can:

  • Add a new custom field by typing in the field name and selecting "Add Custom Field"
  • Remove a custom field and the data associated with that field for each contact by selecting "Remove" next to the custom field 

Learn more about creating custom fields.                                           Back to the top

Configure Stage Settings 

Stages allow you to see where a person is in your sales cycle. Users can set stages to automatically update as a prospect moves through their sales cycle, and can view a prospect's stage on their personal profile page.

As an admin, you can create custom stages and configure stage settings for your team. Stage configuration allows you to set default or mandatory stage settings to be used in each cadence across your team.

To get started, navigate to "Settings" then "Stages."

 Here you can:

  • Create new stages by typing in the name of the stage clicking "Add Stage."
  • Delete custom stages by selecting "Remove" next to the stage.
  • Set default or mandatory stages by navigating to "Cadence Configuration" and selecting your settings.
    • Default Stage Settings will automatically be set when a user is creating a cadence, but can be changed by the user
    • Overridden Stage Settings will automatically be set when a user is creating a cadence and the user cannot change them

Learn more about configuring stage settings.                                     Back to the top

View Team Metrics

Keep your team on target and know when to reward them for their strong efforts by keeping track of their email and calling metrics.

To view team metrics, go to "Reports" on the lefthand toolbar.

 Here you can:

  • View email and call activity for a specific date range
  • View email and call activity for a specific team member

Learn more about viewing team activity.                                             Back to the top.

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