Running an Email Step


To get started, click Run Step button next to the email step from your Dashboard


Before starting your step, you can sort everyone on the step by the following criteria: 

For easy navigation and actions, hover over the contact in your email step: 

Click on Open to reveal the email for the contact in the step and on Profile to navigate to anyone's profile without losing the current contact's email content. Salesforce will redirect you to the person's SFDC record in a separate tab. 

SalesLoft makes it easy to identify replies with the  next to each contact. Clicking on  will give you the options to skip the contact in the step or to completely remove them for the cadence. 

SalesLoft will automatically navigate you to the first person in your cadence step. From here, you have a full view of all activities, emails sent, calls made, cadences the contact is on, any reminders set, or notes made: 


Use the information in the profile to edit and personalize your email with the same tools you have when creating a template or an email step in a cadence. 

At the top of each individual email, you can scroll through all of the emails on the step, view how many you have personalized, and for more view options: you can collapse, expand the message box, or close it. 

To edit your email, choose a new template or start typing directly in the drafted email. To quickly revert back to the original email, use the Discard Changes button at the bottom. 

If you're ready to send, Send & Edit Next will automatically move you to the next person's profile. To send all emails in the step, click Send All.  

To schedule the individual email or all emails, click on the calendar icon next to each. 


Happy Lofting!


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